How Vonigo Found a Niche with Nonprofit Donation Software

    How Vonigo Found a Niche with Nonprofit Donation Software

    By Graham Lee, Marketing Manager at Vonigo

    The Vonigo story starts with our founders, who were running service companies of their own and searching for an online platform to help run their businesses. When they didn’t find what they were looking for, they decided to develop a tool themselves, and Vonigo was born. Since then, millions of jobs have been booked with Vonigo software.

    Features for the Needs of Nonprofit Retailers

    Service companies across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand use Vonigo for online booking, scheduling, dispatching, tracking, invoicing, payments, and data measurement. Several years ago, we realized that the same features that make Vonigo popular with service companies and franchises that do housecalls (like movers, cleaners, junk removal) also work well for nonprofit retailers who accept donations of physical goods.

    In Use by Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill Locations

    With features like online booking, nonprofit pricing, and its ability to be configured to the unique needs of organizations, Vonigo has proved popular with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore retail stores.

    We’ve published a number of case studies about just a few of our many Habitat for Humanity clients. We also have a story about one of our Goodwill operators in the Carolinas who was the first Goodwill to start using our software.

    “We had a home pick-up program, but it wasn’t a very robust home pick-up program,” says Hall. “I stumbled upon Vonigo and I saw what the features they offered and I was impressed.”

    “The key to Vonigo is that it allows individuals to go online themselves and book donation pick-ups,” says Hall. “Our admin staff would take roughly 50 to 60 calls a day for pick-ups. (Vonigo) frees them up because the donor has the capability to go online and schedule that pick-up themselves. It frees our staff up to do other other meaningful tasks.”

    We have one location using iPads as drop-off kiosks using our software to simplify the drop-off process for donors and save 5 hours per store each month in data entry. We are launching a drop-offs feature in the near term that will better serve the needs of Goodwill locations.

    “Being the first Goodwill to sign up with Vonigo, I get calls from my peers quite a bit,” says Hall. “They want to know how Vonigo is working for us. And I simply tell them flat out — it’s a no-brainer. I’ve looked around at different scheduling tools and most Goodwills operate the same way. So it’s a great tool, it’s inexpensive, it’s robust, and without a doubt, it’s something that we all should be using to schedule home pick-ups.”

    More About Our Company

    Our team has grown over the years to include some great people with experience at companies like Google, Square, Oracle, IBM, BMC, Salesforce, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and Electronic Arts. Our client list continues to grow steadily as well.

    Entrepreneur Magazine recently put us on their list of the top 105 suppliers for franchises. We also offer franchise management capabilities, so that a central headquarters can handle bookings and dispatch for multiple locations. We're dedicated to helping service companies and nonprofits improve efficiency, better serve their clients, and maximize impact in their communities.

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