Upright Makes Employee Productivity Tracking Easy

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Upright Makes Employee Productivity Tracking Easy

Tracking your employee productivity is a critical part of running an e-commerce business. Detailed insight into each phase of your operation will help you identify and fix bottlenecks and make the operation more efficient.

With Upright Lister, you can track the specific number of items accepted, rejected, photographed, posted, shelved, purged, packed, and shipped for each employee and your organization as a whole.

Upright has compiled productivity data into two convenient reports:

1. Operational Productivity

Is your operation improving from month to month, or does your teams’ productivity need some extra attention? Do you need data to back up which productivity trends you think you’re seeing? You can now track and identify strengths and weaknesses for your operation as a whole with Operational Performance reports. Metrics for items accepted, rejected, photographed, posted, shelved, purged, packed, and shipped all show in this report.

It allows you to choose the date range, the time grouping (such as hour, day, week, month, etc.), and who the report is for. You can view the report for all users or filter by an individual. It even shows graphs to visualize productivity trends within your organization.

2. User Productivity

Need to know who on your team is producing the most? Perhaps you want to create some motivating competition and see how members of your team stack up against each other.

User performance reports show you side-by-side number comparisons for your entire team’s productivity data. You can view the team all together, or get more insight for each individual by clicking on their name.

Upright has made navigating these reports simple with intuitive sorting and filtering in each data set. Once you have your data sorted and filtered the way you need, you can share the reports with colleagues.

Upright Lister’s productivity reports saved one client over 6 hours the first day they used them while helping them generate more revenue by giving them insights to improve their operation. If you are interested in gaining these insights for your operation, contact growth@uprightlabs.com or visit our contact form.

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