Companies are Turning to a Remote Workforce to Grow their Secondhand E-commerce

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Companies are Turning to a Remote Workforce to Grow their Secondhand E-commerce

Remote work is here to stay and Upright’s Remote Listings are a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their workforce.

Organizations utilize Remote Listings for four main reasons:

  1. It enables housebound individuals to perform mission-critical e-commerce tasks.
  2. They have labor constraints within their warehouse.
  3. They don't have listing expertise in-house for specific categories.
  4. They can't hire fast enough to match inbound product flow.

No matter a businesses’ reason, Upright Lister makes having a remote workforce easy! Upright Lister’s web-based software allows a team to start a listing from one internet-connected device and finish on another– no matter where those devices are located.

In-warehouse employees simply take and upload product photos, and send the listing off to be completed by the remote workforce. This can significantly reduce labor costs and drive more revenue as the remote listers can be located anywhere with an internet connection.

One Upright client started using Remote Listings in mid-2020 and is listing an additional 1800+ unique items per month via the Remote Listing functionality. Their employees are taking product photos and then passing the listings to an outsourced remote workforce for completion. They continue to use Remote Listings to keep their revenue at all-time highs.

Remote Listings can be performed in many ways.

Here is one of the most common ways Remote Listings are performed with Upright Lister.

  1. Photographer photographs a product with Upright Link (mobile app part of Upright Lister), adds an appropriate tag such as “Ready for description”, and saves it for the remote lister.
  2. Remote Lister finds the draft product using the appropriate product tag, fills out the title, description, and category required fields, and saves it with a different product tag such as “Ready for QC”.
  3. Quality Control finds the draft product using the appropriate tag, checks for errors, makes any needed corrections, and clicks “List”.

Just like that, the team has completed a Remote Listing and their product is live on multiple marketplaces.

By using the Remote Listing capability within Upright Lister, an organization can post more items online, generating more revenue in a cost-effective and scalable manner. Using an organization’s in-house workforce across multiple locations, providing a work-from-home option, enabling extra shifts during off-hours, or outsourcing listing help from other organizations all become possible with Upright’s Remote Listings.

Interested in having other organizations perform listings for your team, or is your organization interested in providing listing services?

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