Upright Labs' Marketplace Integration, Shopify!

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Upright Labs' Marketplace Integration, Shopify!

Introducing Upright Labs’ marketplace integration, Shopify - the leading e-commerce platform that powers millions of retailers around the world.

Shopify makes it easy for you to create your own custom website. No development experience necessary.

Having a Shopify store means that you can eliminate the middleman and sell directly to your customers. You control the entire customer experience from the branding to the advertising. Customers will type in your unique URL, see your logo, your colors, your products, and build familiarity with your brand.

Launching a Shopify store is simple and the integration between Shopify and Upright takes less than 30 seconds to set up.

Other than customer support, and incorporating Shopify into your listing strategies - there's no additional work that your e-commerce team needs to handle. Listings will auto-flow from Upright Lister into your Shopify store!

To get started with your Shopify store, visit Shopify.com or visit the Upright Labs help center for help getting connected to Upright Lister.

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