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Increase your post-retail revenue by selling salvage online with Goodwill Bluebox. Powered by Upright Labs.

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How it works

Bluebox is a managed marketplace; no need to photograph, post, or handle customer support.

Partner with Bluebox

Joining the program takes 5 minutes. Upright Labs will set you up with everything you need, including a Lister account, label printer, and training.

Manage Stock Levels

Tell Bluebox what you have in stock. Bluebox will automatically manage the posting, photography, and order routing.

Fulfill the Orders

Once stock levels are set, orders will automatically flow to your account. Using Lister, you can manage and ship your orders, all from one place.

Return on Investment

Joining Bluebox is the best way to increase your salvage sales. Bluebox gets 40,000+ unique visitors each month and counting, with each order averaging $55. With a repeat customer rate of 56%, Bluebox can’t keep any inventory in stock. When you join Bluebox, you can reduce dependency on your salvage vendors, lower your labor cost, and increase your post retail profit. In turn, you'll help Bluebox keep inventory in stock and everyone benefits.

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Selling on Bluebox

You can sell anything from jewelry to clothing on Bluebox. Each Friday at 6pm EST, Bluebox releases a new batch of inventory for people to buy. Bluebox automatically routes inventory to your Lister account based on what you can sell. By choosing to sell salvage on Bluebox, you not only increase your salvage profit, but also help save the environment.

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Crazy Simple

Bluebox is a fully managed marketplace. They handle all of the customer support, marketing, and operations. All you have to do is let Bluebox know what inventory you have in stock. You don’t even need a dedicated ecommerce warehouse. With Upright Lister, you can manage and fulfill all your orders with Bluebox easily and effectively. Already using Lister? No problem. You can manage your Bluebox orders along side your other multi-channel orders.

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