Multichannel Provides Goodwill San Antonio with Competitive Advantage

    Multichannel Provides Goodwill San Antonio with Competitive Advantage

    “When you add everything up; templates, auto-generated titles and descriptions, multichannel listing, reporting, and other features, Upright Lister has enabled us to list, sell, and ship at least 12% more orders every month, compared to last year, with the same number of employees.”


    Goodwill San Antonio has fewer people than comparable secondhand e-commerce operations, however aspired to process the same amount of items and generate as many sales as companies with a greater number of employees.

    Prior to Upright Labs, Goodwill San Antonio was separately managing and listing on eBay and shopgoodwill for shipped items and more importantly, lacked streamlined listing, financial reporting, and auditing. Numerous, tedious tasks were being repeated for each marketplace.

    Implementation Goals

    • Achieve higher revenue and success per employee
    • Improve efficiency of e-commerce employees and management
    • Streamline financial reporting for executive team


    After integrating Upright Lister in February 2019 and using the platform for a few months, Goodwill San Antonio was able to achieve significant time savings for each listing they were putting online.

    While these features have been extremely useful to Goodwill San Antonio, Upright Link, the iOS-based photography tool has been even more impactful on the e-commerce workflow provided Goodwill San Antonio has volunteers and team members with disabilities who assist with photo taking and listing of items online.

    “The simplicity and user interface design of the Upright Lister and Upright Link software applications make it easy for any employee or volunteer to learn and grasp the software in a matter of minutes, versus hours.”

    And although the software is designed to be both easy to use and easy to onboard new employees onto, any questions that arise and requested features are taken seriously and immediately evaluated.

    “The implementation of suggestions has been absolutely at the speed of light. We’ll make a suggestion and the next day a lot of times the suggestion is implemented into actual code and the Upright software can actually do it.”

    This fast response time was not what Goodwill San Antonio was accustomed to prior to on-boarding with Upright Labs.

    "Prior to Upright Labs, we were becoming accustomed to the industry standard of a few week response time. With Upright, we are real-time. It’s just a mind-blowing kind of a thing and it’s a huge advantage. The chat functionality is fantastic. Just the chat alone has probably put us a month or two ahead in our progress than we would have been if those questions weren’t immediately answered.”

    Since starting with Upright Labs, Goodwill San Antonio has sold and shipped over $1 million worth of items in their first 4.5 months on the platform. They have been able to optimize their listing and inventory management across multiple marketplaces by utilizing the processing power of Upright Lister.

    About Upright Lister

    Upright Lister helps secondhand sellers list, manage, and sell inventory online more efficiently. E-commerce divisions are able to track inventory from donation to fulfillment, while efficiently and consistently enabling inventory to list online to multiple platforms. To-date, over 750,000 items have been sold online across multiple marketplaces.

    Upright Lister Advantages

    • Upright Link: photo-taking and inventory management app
    • Auto-generated of titles and descriptions
    • Multi-platform listing from one interface
    • Real-time shipping price comparison
    • API integration with data warehouse
    • Advanced employee and financial reporting
    • Live customer support

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