Drive traffic to your store locations with Upright Local.

Store employees snap, describe, and list on-hand inventory once, and it posts to multiple local platforms at the same time. Upgrade your business to the latest tech.

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Drive Traffic

Utilize local pickup marketplaces to drive traffic to your store locations.


List to Offerup, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Delist an item from all platforms with a click of one button.

Mobile First

Utilize mobile devices to photograph, describe, and list items. Supplemental desktop accessible dashboard to view listed items across all of your store locations.

Quality Photos

Drive customer service initiatives to develop a better sales rank. Review current online listings and evaluate their clarity and impact with customers.

In-Store Transaction

Financial and commodity transactions occur in your physical retail store(s), eliminating the risk of double sales.

Message Responder

Online customer inquiries are responded to by the Upright Labs team. No additional time spent by managers answering online customer inquiries.

A new tool that doesn’t need new training. Here’s how it works.

Open your Upright Local app on an iOS device
Snap a photo, add a title, and set a price for the item
Sit back as your item automatically uploads to all platforms

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Upright Local takes a new approach to secondhand shopping.

The Upright Local app, built with simplicity and speed, allows a store associate to photograph, describe, and list inventory to multiple platforms at once. The software enables stores to bring their product online to multiple marketplaces where the customer is shopping. All transactions occur in a store, driving traffic to physical store locations. When an item sells, click one button and the item automatically will delist and mark as sold on all the platforms at once.

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