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Operational Audit

Unveil current state of operations to bring clarity to management. Our team dives into all facets of your operations to understand what is truly driving the current state of your operation.

Facility Build-Out

Explore operational needs to support growth goals of the organization. Work with companies from identifying space, layouts, equipment, SOPs, and training of staff to enable rapid growth with a turnkey solution.

Supply Chain & Inventory Control

Provide feedback on product selection. Limit touch points in flow. Implement JIT principles to enhance inventory management controls. Enable asset tracking in supply chain.

Multichannel & Online Operations

Drive customer service initiatives to develop a better sales rank. Review current online listings and evaluate their clarity and impact with customers.

Fulfillment Optimization

Carrier selection analysis based on clients operational locations and needs. Parcel audit to determine type and size of boxes to ship inventory.

Employee Training

Design and implement employee training procedures with your employees needs in mind. Improve employee confidence and trust with e-commerce process and growth

We’ve consulted with 6 of the top 11 Goodwill Regions, each with $100+ million in revenue.

Upright assists retail brands with building, creating, and expanding their e-commerce operations. Clients range from having over 100 employees managing 30,000 unique SKUs flowing in their ecommerce operation that need to be photographed, described, and listed each month to clients who are just beginning to explore the e-commerce sector. We’ve consulted with 6 out of the top 11 Goodwill Regions, each with over $100 million in revenue. No matter the size or stage of your e-commerce operation, Upright Labs will be here to help you navigate the growth, challenges, and speed bumps.

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