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We are a remote team with an office based in Washington, DC and a digital footprint that spans many states and even two countries. Our remote team, no matter our growth is united by our core values that stem from our founders. Integrating a dynamic team that enjoys the work they are doing and who they are doing it with, has created the stepping stones for Upright Labs’ future. We care about our customers, about the value we can bring, about finding innovative solutions to industry challenges, and about people.

What can we do and how can we help -- is something we ask ourselves every day. Teamwork and innovation is a mindset at Upright Labs. Follow our journey.

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Explore careers
  • David Engle

    7 years in retail
    Founded nonprofit at age 14
  • Jackson Geller

    5 years in e-commerce
    Started coding at age 15
  • Siera Smith

    Director of Operations
    Ops pro by day, Jiu jitsu by night
    Entrepreneur since 11
  • Sam Barrientos

    Senior Software Engineer
    5 years in startups
    Builds PC's for fun
  • David LoBosco

    Software Engineer
    Mobile specialist
    The Third Musketeer
  • Dave Laszczak

    Software Engineer
    2 years in e-comm & crowdfunding
    Converts coffee to code
  • Dan Connors

    Sales Development
    39 years global logistic consulting
    Loves to foster dogs
  • Kate Pellegrino

    Director of Customer Success
    5 years in ops and product
    Rock climber and salsa dancer
  • Cat Noble

    Growth Manager
    Selling since the ability to talk
    Learned how to ride a bike at 29
  • Shyam Chandula

    Operations Analyst
    2 years in capital markets
    Huge Eagles fan
  • Patrick Boatner

    Senior Software Engineer
    Enjoys any board sport
    First programmed for the PSP
  • Derek Champlin

    Operations Manager
    5 years in supply chain
    Foodie at heart
  • Addie Byrne

    Operations Associate
    5 years in account management
    Skis the American Birkebeiner every year
  • Tany McCaw

    Operations Assistant
    3 years in hospitality and event planning
    Runs on data, boba, and sunshine
  • Ian Dawson

    Software Engineer
    Swing dancer and jazz lover
    7 years in startups, 5 in e-commerce fulfillment
  • Jonathan Conda

    Product Support Specialist
    15+ years of client support
    Collage artist and caffeine addict
  • Carly Fleischer

    Sales Executive
    Inherited the gift of gab
    Gym rat and baking fanatic
  • Jennifer Power

    Sustainability Lead
    Professional dumpster diver for 5 years and running
    Composting worms mom, and yoga pro

Our story

Upright Labs is located all around North America and was founded by David Engle and Jackson Geller in 2017.

Jackson built his first computer at the age of 12. David at the age of 14 launched a not-for-profit program that brought free events to thousands of underprivileged children. Together, they sold their last software company, Masquerade, to a venture capital-backed e-commerce marketplace.

When running masquerade, they saw the value that retailers were losing in their post-retail supply chains, as they were profiting off retailers’ mistakes. They built Upright Labs to help retailers optimize their supply chains in order to increase revenue during retail and post-retail processes.

Upright Labs works with retailers to supercharge their e-commerce operations. The company started with software that was built to decrease touch points and streamline operations resulting in operational increases in net profit. Our debut product decreased the average amount of time to list on secondhand marketplaces by up to 90% with better accuracy, and fewer mistakes.

Overtime, Upright Labs has grown to be the go-to trusted advisor for operational effectiveness and e-commerce growth. Our products and services are the selection of choice when an organization is seeking operational efficiency and the ability to drive revenue to the bottom line. This year we will help process over 50 million dollars in gross revenue with Upright Lister, our cloud-based multichannel listing tool, while also scaling e-commerce operations by optimizing and implementing over half a million square feet of e-commerce operations via Upright Services. We welcome you to experience the value by partnering with Upright Labs, a customer-focused and transformative software and service provider.

Who we are

  • Supply chain nerds
  • Love data
  • Trail mix afficiandos
  • Customer service-centric
  • Tech driven
  • Constant iterations
  • Measure twice. Cut once.
  • Build things from the ground up
  • Drive processes

Who we aren't

  • Slow-moving
  • Afraid of tech
  • Not willing to change
  • Stick with status quo
  • Big egos
  • Micromanagement
  • Unengaged
  • Turnover
  • Waste time