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Optimize and Scale
Your Online Resale Business

We enable resellers, thrift stores, and retail businesses to effortlessly expand their reach to diversify revenue and boost sales.

Through intuitive software, expert consulting, and unparalleled customer support, businesses are able to list and sell more products online while optimizing their back-end operations for efficiency and growth. 

Transform your e-commerce approach and watch your business thrive online.

What Upright does

Top E-Commerce Solution

Manage your inventory from barcoding, fulfillment, and listing to multiple platforms with Upright Lister.

Books & Media Resale

Maximize your books and media resale profits with our comprehensive Neatoscan Books e-commerce software.

Consulting Services

From launching to scaling your e-commerce business, our expert consultants are with you every step.


Expanding your reach with top marketplace integrations

Upright Labs' software integrates seamlessly with an ever-growing list of online marketplaces, ensuring your products reach a broad audience to diversify your revenue streams. Our current integrations include:
Using Upright’s solutions,
one client grew from

$55K to $150K+

per month in e-commerce

Software solutions built to scale your e-commerce business

Upright Labs provides intuitive technology and dedicated expert support to power and scale your secondhand and resale business.

Delivering immediate results to your business

Many online businesses see results within their first few days with Upright Labs. 

Our e-commerce solutions for multichannel listing, inventory management, and books & media resale provide the secondhand and resale industries with the tools for success. 

Our consulting services, tailored training, product development, and seamless integrations result in operational efficiency and considerable growth.

increase in listings for one partner after switching to Upright
1 %
bottom line increase for another partner within 1 month
90 %
Another Upright client
increased their revenue by

+ 79%

in revenue after the
first 6 months

Real User Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied partners who have transformed their online businesses with Upright Labs’ innovative e-commerce solutions.

Trusted Partners

Empowering thousands of stores in e-commerce

We take pride in partnering with organizations of all sizes and online business goals to launch and scale their e-commerce operations. Join the successful clients who trust Upright Labs to elevate their business.
Partner Success

Ecommerce Warehouse Redesign at Goodwill Delaware

Earlier this year, Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, already experiencing success with Lister, sought to expand their operations and take their e-commerce operation to the next level.

Partner Success

Salvation Army Texas and Oklahoma Streamlines 7 Hubs across 2 States

Salvation Army of Texas and Oklahoma entrusted Upright Labs with the assignment of building a more efficient and streamlined e-commerce operation to serve their entire region of 7 hubs across 2 states.


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Unlock Your Potential In E-Commerce

Why secondhand and resale e-commerce businesses prefer Upright Labs

Our comprehensive suite of software and services provides a one-stop solution for all your operational needs. From inventory management to sales processes, Upright Labs offers everything you need to succeed in the secondhand and resale e-commerce space.

Achieve significant efficiency gains with our optimized operations. Streamline inventory management and sales processes to reduce costs and enhance productivity. Upright Labs helps you operate at peak efficiency, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Unlock the power of data with Upright Labs. Our platform provides your business with actionable insights into sales, inventory flow, and buying behaviors, enabling you to make strategic decisions that drive growth. Stay ahead of market trends and consumer demands with our advanced analytics.

Your online business will remain competitive when utilizing our configurable solutions. Upright Labs enables you to quickly respond to changing market dynamics, ensuring you remain agile and responsive to customer needs. Our adaptable software supports your business as it and the market evolves.

Connect operational efficiency with environmental sustainability. Upright Labs supports your efforts to reduce environmental impact through the circular economy, while also maximizing profitability. Appeal to the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly businesses with our sustainable solutions.

Benefit from valuable ongoing support and guidance. Our dedicated customer success managers assist with onboarding, training, and continuous improvement, ensuring you get the most out of our solutions. We help you evolve and improve your operations over time.

How will we help your e-commerce business?
With our integrated suite of solutions, Upright Labs empowers your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.