2023's Top Selling Brands in E-Commerce

Addie Byrne

Addie Byrne

    2023's Top Selling Brands in E-Commerce

    In the dynamic world of secondhand e-commerce, thrift stores, nonprofits, and independent resellers strive to establish their presence on online marketplaces such as eBay, ShopGoodwill, and Shopify. With 20% of business-to-consumer retail transactions occurring online every day, one cannot underestimate the power of data-driven insights. They play a crucial role in revolutionizing the way organizations operate and succeed in this ever-expanding and competitive market.

    As industry leaders in e-commerce software and services, Upright Labs and Neatoscan have leveraged our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art software to compile a repository of invaluable sales-data insights. Our in-depth analysis of $3,500,000 worth of sales has fueled the creation of our Top E-Commerce Brands Guide. This guide is informative and highly actionable. It's tailored for E-Commerce Managers seeking to maximize profitability.


    Unlocking the Data:

    Our data collection process was meticulous and extensive, spanning from January 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023. During that time, we analyzed nearly 1000 qualifying brands sold through our platform.

    Every day, we facilitate thousands of item sales for our clients in the secondhand space. This exposure gives us a unique view of e-commerce trends, sales numbers, and market profitability. With significant transaction data available to us, we can extract valuable insights. These insights are instrumental in driving your e-commerce business forward.

    Identifying the Top Brands:

    To provide you with the most relevant and valuable insights, we took several steps to refine our data:

    High-Value Brands Only:

    • Our shared data research only includes brands with an average price per item (PPI) over $25. This provides your organization with the highest value-driving opportunities in e-commerce.

    Thorough Curation:

    • Many categories in our research had robust data sets. For this reason, we excluded brands with fewer than 20 sales during the research period. In cases where there were fewer than 20 brands, we filtered the data to ensure it provided valuable insights to e-commerce teams. We marked these categories with an asterisk in our findings.

    Ranking by Total Item Revenue:

    • We based our brand rankings on Total Item Revenue. This provides a comprehensive view at brands generating the most significant profits. In the guide, we also provide key revenue stats displaying Items Sold and PPI for added context.

    Exploring the Top Brands in Key Categories:

    So, what did we find?

    After meticulously analyzing over 74,000 qualifying item sales, we developed the most comprehensive brand report made publicly available for your e-commerce operation.

    Here’s a look at a subset of the most impactful data findings that will support your growth. These are the top 5 brands through July 2023 across four vital categories in e-commerce. You can leverage this information to make an impact today.:

    Clothing & Accessories:

    Leading the way in Clothing & Accessories brands is Gucci, with a remarkable Total Item Revenue of $115,796.68. Their products command high prices and are fairly easy to find in donations. This makes Gucci a lucrative choice for savvy resellers.

    Clothing & Accessory Brands Chart of top 5 brands


    The Magic Kingdom reigns supreme in e-commerce as Disney grossed the most in Total Item Revenue at $18,230.00. Their sought-after items have driven impressive sales, selling 658 items over the span with an average PPI of $27.21.

    Top 5 brands in the collectibles category


    Dominating the Sports category is Odyssey. The golf brand leads this category with a Total Item Revenue of $13,668.52. Golf products have a huge buyer community in the secondhand market and their products sell high in volume with over 297 sales averaging $46.02 each.

    Top 5 brands in sports category

    Jewelry & Gemstones

    Renowned Tiffany & Co tops the Jewelry & Gemstones category with a Total Item Revenue of $33,467.00. Their exquisite pieces continue to captivate buyers to the tune of 221 items sold at an average price of $151.43.

    Top 5 brands in the jewelry catgeory

    Within the full guide, you’ll be able to examine over 700 brands across more categories including:

    • Computers & Electronics
    • Musical Instruments
    • Kitchen & Tableware
    • Toys, Dolls, and Games
    • Cameras and Camcorders
    • For The Home

    Our findings display the immense potential that lies within secondhand e-commerce. By leveraging these insights, you can strategically enhance your product offerings and drive greater success to your online operation.

    Actionable Insights for Your Organization:

    What sets this resource apart is its immediate applicability.

    We've curated and designed the Top E-Commerce Brands Guide to be a hands-on tool that you can readily use and share at various levels of your operation. From the store to the sorting room, your team will be able to quickly identify brands they should look to make readily available for online sale.

    Consider it your trusty companion in navigating the dynamic world of secondhand e-commerce.

    Commitment to Your Growth:

    Upright Labs and Neatoscan dedicate themselves to showcasing their expertise and sharing actionable, data-driven insights in the bustling marketplace of secondhand e-commerce. We understand that e-commerce operations need more than just data; you need insights that translate into increased revenue.

    Our commitment to your success is evident in this comprehensive guide. With it in your arsenal, you can make informed decisions, optimize your product offerings, and ultimately boost your profits.

    Discover the hundreds of high value brands across 10 top-selling categories in our comprehensive Top E-Commerce Brands Guide. Download it now to gain a competitive edge and boost your profits!


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