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Neatoscan & Upright Labs 2023 Customer Experience In Review

2023 was a busy year for the Neatoscan & Upright Labs Customer Experience team!

Secondhand e-commerce is fast-paced as-is and this year was no different. 2023 marked a major milestone as Neatoscan & Upright Labs came together as one. In that same time, we’ve implemented new tools building efficient support channels to our customers, provided educational communication on new features, and flown across the country and back to work with you face-to-face.

Neatoscan & Upright Labs 2023 Customer Experience in Review wraps up the funnest and most exciting facts in Customer Support and Services from this year!

New Customer Tools to Serve You Better (and Faster!)

Here’s how our Support and Success Teams have been investing in our customers. This year, we launched more new tools and initiatives than ever before.

New Shared Email Inbox for Neatoscan

Prior to this year, sending screenshots or videos to our customers was neither efficient or user-friendly. Email support took a long time and keeping track of tickets was a tall order. To reduce chances of human error and deliver visual elements to our emails where needed, we implemented a modern shared inbox in July to provide a higher level of support.

E-commerce Master Class Launch

In August, we launched our first monthly forum to educate the secondhand community on challenges our customers are facing. The topics were carefully curated from feedback we collected in a public survey. The goal was to address the biggest challenges that E-commerce Managers are facing in their operation. Thus far, we’ve produced four highly informational Master Class sessions. Thanks to the high level of interest and incredible participation, we plan to continue these sessions through 2024.

Changelog & Feature Requests for Neatoscan

Also in August, we implemented Canny to improve the feedback loop between our customers and our product team. Since August, we have already received 70 considerable requests. This process ensures the product we continue to build is aligned with your use-case. Canny is also a changelog to keep record of all notable changes made to our product. This keeps customers updated and informed throughout every new feature and improvement we’ve released in 2023 and into 2024.

New Cloud Based Phone System

A fun fact you might not know about the Neatoscan team is that before this year, our phones were server based. Meaning our phone lines were tied to the specific physical location of our office. This configuration makes it difficult to move a phone from any specific location. In September, we implemented a cloud-based phone system with improved call routing to identify busy queues and more advanced reporting. The best part is that we can now support you wherever we are. We can take a call from the home office desk, a coworking hot seat or even from our cell phones when we’re traveling to maintain your sorters or meet your teams.

Customer Interactions With Our Team By The Numbers

We love supporting our customers and we do a lot of it! In 2023, the Upright Support Team:

  • Exchanged 1,611 chat conversations
  • Engaged in 2,063 support email threads
  • Wrote 31 new help center articles
  • Updated 132 help center articles
  • Released 30 new features and improvements via Canny

The Neatoscan Support Team has enjoyed your company too! This year, the Neatoscan Support Team:

  • Engaged in 1,734 email threads (since July)
  • Spent 17,800 minutes on the phone (since September)
  • Over 2,078 phone calls (since September)
  • Released 19 new features and improvements via Canny

The Neatoscan team have also been working behind the scenes for something special we’re releasing to you all in 2024. More details below.

Our Journey to Connect with Customers

We have been fortunate to have met some of you all in person!

Our services team provides onsite audits and builds while our Neatoscan support team installs and maintains sorters. We also enjoy visiting our clients to learn more about you and advise on process improvements where needed. Here are some fun facts about our on-site visits this year.

  • We collectively flew 97,511 miles
  • Traveled to 21 states
  • We built or redesigned 53,215 sq ft of warehouse space
  • We installed 3 new sorters
  • Met you all at 8 conferences
  • Spoke on industry best practices at 2 conferences

We’re excited to visit more of you and meet you at our User Conference in March 2024!

What’s Next For 2024

You have all generated hundreds of millions of revenue by selling your items online. You’ve also managed millions of unique SKU’s through our inventory management products.

We are honored to serve clients impacting the world in such unique and meaningful ways. We cannot wait to see what 2024 brings.

Here’s what we’re planning on the customer experience end in 2024:

  • Neatoscan will be launching a help center for articles in order to provide access to documented answers 24/7.
  • Webinars and Master Classes will continue to provide educational content and insight into e-commerce. We have more book-specific sessions coming too!
  • We’ll meet you in the new year at The Neatoscan & Upright Labs User Conference! Learn more about the developing event here.

With industry experts presenting and exhibiting, The Neatoscan & Upright Labs User Conference promises to deliver a revolutionary educational experience. Through insightful discussions to hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities, this event is tailored to provide immense value to e-commerce teams and executive leaders looking to boost revenues through innovation and digital strategies.


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