Best Clothing Brands to Resell Online

Lori Clark

Lori Clark

Best Clothing Brands to Resell Online

Millions have discovered that selling used/thrifted clothing online is a lucrative source of income—either as a side hustle or as a full time job. In the secondhand industry, clothing is one of the top categories for both buyers and sellers in the second hand market. The resale industry is projected to double in 4 years and grow 11 times faster than traditional retail.

With such a wealth of brands out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here at Upright, we have the data to let you know which brands hold their value. With different prices, brands, and clothing quality out there, it's hard to know how much your items are truly worth. We analyzed hundreds of thousands of clothing items sold and here are the top selling clothing brands to resell online.

Top 10 Clothing Brands to Resell Online

Searching through Shopgoodwill, eBay and Poshmark is hard work—so we did the hard work for you and analyzed the selling price of 212,000 items sold on Shopgoodwill. The items we analyzed include shoes, but it doesn't include purses, eyewear, or other accessories. If you have these clothing items, they're one of the top brands to sell.

  1. Nike
  2. lululemon
  3. Burberry
  4. The North Face
  5. Gucci
  6. Tory Burch
  7. UGG
  8. Patagonia
  9. Michael Kors
  10. Prada

These brands have differing price points and number of items sold. For example, Nike sells quickly with 586 items sold with an average selling price of $23.69. Gucci's average selling price is almost five times Nike's at $115.28 per item, but they only make number 5 on the list with 65 items sold.

Top 5 Selling Brands by Item Price

Luxury brands are harder to come across, but they do sell at a high price point. Our analysis revealed that designer brands sold for a higher unit price. Here are the highest-selling brands by item price.

  1. Christian Louboutin
  2. Chanel
  3. Fendi
  4. Gucci
  5. Louis Vuitton

If you have one of these items, list them online at a higher price point, and take a look at the top 30 data later in the article for some average selling prices of these brands.

Top Selling Brands by Volume

Sometimes it's nice to find items guaranteed to resell online. These items are proven to fly off your warehouse (or garage) shelves.

  1. Nike
  2. Michael Kors
  3. The North Face
  4. lululemon
  5. Coach

The top selling brands by volume are generally more everyday brands. To ensure they sell at the highest price point, we recommend taking good pictures from multiple angles and crafting a clickable title with the brand towards the beginning of the title.

Generally, worn and old clothes don't perform as well online. With good lighting and a plain backdrop, you can still make your clothes stand out and make a sale.

Top 30 Selling Clothing Brands

For those of you who want to dive deeper into the data, here’s the full breakdown of the 212,000 items that we analyzed.

Save these infographics for when you’re selling your items online. They’re an excellent pricing guide backed by data from hundreds of thousands of sales.

Benefits of Reselling Clothes

If you don't have any of these brands to sell, that's okay! You shouldn't sleep on getting into e-commerce. There are still many consignment shops that aren't online, making this an easier market to tap into. When America’s Thrift Store partnered with Upright Labs to launch their e-commerce, they generated 175,000 USD in 50 days. Even if you’re not a thrift store, here’s why you should consider reselling online.

It's Better for the Environment

Thrift stores have exploded in popularity in the past few years because of the increased awareness on the impact of clothing production on the environment. It isn't just the farming of the materials required to craft the clothing, it's also running the factories and transporting the items via air, sea and land.

Many are actively looking to thrift and consignment shops because they want to be a part of the climate change solution. Becoming a successful reseller could make a significant impact on the environment if you stick with it.

Photo by Francois Le Nguyen on Unsplash

Low Investment with High Reward

If you're looking to resell online as a side-hustle, you're in luck. Most resale platforms have zero or minimal upfront costs. They simply take a small portion of the sale in return for using their platform to sell your clothing. eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark are some popular marketplaces. All you need to do is round up your jackets, dresses and shoes, take a few photos and you're ready to make money!

Simple to Scale

For those who are consistent and stay on top of the current trends, you'll need to scale your business in no time. Luckily, there's incredible software out there that will streamline your secondhand retail business. Once you start selling at volume, you'll need an application that'll process, photograph, list, and fulfill your items.

Upright Lister will even automate listing strategies to eBay, Shopgoodwill, Facebook marketplace, and Shopify to maximize your chances of selling your items. Complete the form below if you're ready to scale.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re a thrift store looking to launch your e-commerce operation. We know e-commerce can be quite an adventure. Upright helps your team turn your inventory into a meaningful online business for you in minutes. Contact us here to learn more.

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