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Upright Labs Lister is the best multichannel listing and inventory management tool out there. Used by some of the top secondhand resellers in the world, Lister has helped many organizations list and manage their inventory online.

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Your entire operation - at a glance. Quickly see your top sales, best performing stores and posters, and fulfillment backlog in one place.


Lister is the fastest and most accurate way to post items cross channel. Our software walks each poster through the steps they need to take in order to list an item efficiently and accurately. Customize the posting flow to your needs easily with our advanced posting settings.

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

See and manage inventory from stores to warehouse with our easy-to-use product manager. See what needs to be purged, listed, and what will sell. Bulk manage your items and export to CSV, whatever flexibility you need, Lister provides.

Listing AutomationListing Automation

Schedule and automate your entire listing lifecylce. With the most powerful automation engine for secondhand retailers, any relisting flow you can imagine is possible.


Manage all your inventory coming to and from stores. Create packsheets and track items from A to B. Reduce communications from stores and your ecom-warehouse.

Order ManagementOrder Management

Multichannel orders, all in one place. Use Lister for picking, packing, and shipping. We'll pull in all your orders, and provide a beautiful interface to manage them.


Easily see your operations performance from your stores to your posters. See your top sales, marketplaces, and item types. Easily run analysis with Lister's exportable reports. An open API for your business intelligence tools.


Get the best rate for your shipments with Lister's multi-carrier shipping. We show you the best rate across carriers and save you money with every shipment.


Link is our mobile operating system for your warehouse. Put items away with our putaway system, purge items to free up space, or use our in-app photo editor to create photography quality photos.

Printers & ScalesPrinters & Scales

Lister has integrations with all the major printers and scales from Dymo to Zebra to Mettler Toledo. Easily weigh items, print shipping labels, and barcode labels.

Customer SupportCustomer Support

We're here 9-6 ET business days to help you with your operation with live chat and quick response times. With personal quarterly touchbases and a Lister help center, any questions you may have will be answered quickly.

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