Love Lister?

Get paid by referring customers to Upright Labs.

Refer a customer to Lister, and we'll give you 0.20% of their revenue made via Lister for the first 3 months + a $200 Amazon gift card.

You can refer as many customers as you'd like. We’ll send payouts in terms of statement credit.

Calculate your bonus

Total monthly revenue of customers you refer

$500,000/ month

Your referral bonus for next three months

$1,000/ month


How many submissions can I make?
As many as you want! There's no cutoff for submissions, so you could submit 5 clients tomorrow or 2 clients next year.

How do I actually do a referral?
Send an email to and the person or company you want us to be connected with cc'd on the email.

What should I put in a referral email?
Whatever you want! But here is an example:

"Hi Upright Team! I wanted to introduce you to (your referrals name here) from (referral's business here). They're cc'd here on this email. We thought Upright Labs would be helpful for their organization to help solve (an issue or inefficiency region is seeing)."

Do I need to be an Upright Labs client to make a referral?
You do! But if you aren't already we can get on you board and then you can start earning money towards your monthly bill.

How does the gift card work?
When you refer another company to Upright Labs, you both get a $200 Amazon gift card. Limit of 5 referrals/company.

Can I see the fine print?
Sure thing! Check out our referral policy