New President at Upright Labs

Siera Smith

Siera Smith

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New President at Upright Labs


It is with great honor that I get to introduce myself today as the new President at Upright Labs.

Upright is an organization that I hold dear and I am incredibly thankful to serve the broader community that supports it. The opportunity to lead our team, support our impactful clients and drive the organization into the next chapter is a calling for me and I am prepared for this important responsibility.

To our founders at Upright Labs, David and Jackson, it has been a wonderful journey working side-by-side with you and the talented team we’ve surrounded ourselves with – you have truly made a large impact on the entire second-hand industry and each of us. I am thankful to have you both continue in a founder-advisor capacity.

As I move into the role of President at Upright Labs, I want to share the three pillars that have supported my path here for both our company and the industry. These are and will continue to be the three most important factors for us to continue on our current trajectory:

  1. Our Clients: We serve a community of mission-driven and value-minded people. I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals in our industry. Many of which express great joy and passion about how Upright Labs provides value and service to them. But most importantly, we care that your dollar makes a large impact on the lives of others. Our clients provide myself and our team with a sense of purpose and joy every day. Thank you for your partnership and we will continue to enhance the methods that drive more dollars to your mission.
  2. Our Team: In my experience, the team at Upright Labs is the most customer-centric, passionate, and driven team of experts in their respective field. I come to work each day better than the next because of the team I’m surrounded by. Our team works to challenge the status quo and create world-class experiences for our clients. All while having fun and a respect for one another. I truly am inspired by you.
  3. Our Results: The success of our team is measured by the success of our clients. When a client turns on Lister to push more products through an e-commerce platform, launches and scales a second-hand e-commerce business, or builds a sustainable innovation business with our support, success quickly follows. Upright Labs helps our clients see results, sometimes within hours. This kind of efficiency moves us all towards greater success.

When our clients, team, and the tangible results come together in unison – magic happens!

My promise and commitment to you as President is that we will keep doing what we do best - driving value to our customers and helping move the industry forward.

I look forward to this opportunity to serve such an amazing community.

With this news, I invite you to call or email me. It would be great to connect and I’d be happy to discuss all of the positive changes happening around Upright right now.

Thank you,


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